Building and real estate

Public building law, planning law and environmental law form the core body of public law regulations that govern the planning and approval of real estate and infrastructure projects as well as industrial and other facilities. Moreover, large-scale projects often involve multi-stage planning and approval procedures, ranging from regional planning procedures, urban land use planning, plan approval and immission control approval procedures to building permit and other individual approval procedures. The complexity of these procedures and the demands placed on the planning, approval and operation of projects and facilities have increased significantly in recent years. On the one hand, this is due to the increasing number and complexity of requirements, whether based on European environmental law - e.g., species protection - or on municipal requirements such as the principles of socially responsible land use. On the other hand, the public interest in projects of any kind has increased considerably, and increased transparency as well as extended rights of action for associations make it indispensable to work through all legal requirements precisely and comprehensively.

Our focus in the field of Building and real estate

  • Formulation of architect and engineer contracts
  • Settlement of the fee according to the HOAI, fee agreement, usual remuneration, acquisition activity
  • Liability of architects and engineers, compensation between several responsible parties
  • Construction cost overrun
  • Copyright protection of the architect
  • Formulation of property development contracts, MaBV
  • Liability and warranty
  • Formulation of commercial leases
  • Warning, termination, eviction actions
  • cosmetic repairs and operating costs
  • Formulation of construction contracts according to BGB and VOB/B, general contractor, general transferee, subcontractor
  • Subcontract management and construction delays
  • Termination and cancellation of contracts
  • Contract performance and warranty security, construction workman's compensation and construction workman's security mortgage
  • Warranty for defects, supplementary performance, reduction, damages
  • Claims for work compensation
  • Independent proceedings for the taking of evidence
  • Suits for damages
  • Contractual penalties
  • Construction insurance law
  • Construction arbitration and mediation
  • Insolvency in construction law
  • Loan agreements, consumer credit. Revocation, termination and repayment
  • Real estate collateral, mortgages and land charges
  • Actions for rescission
  • Housing subsidy actions
  • Warranty for defects in common and special property
  • Formulation of resolutions
  • Examination of business plans and annual accounts
  • Actions for deconstruction and injunctions
  • Real estate law
  • Purchase contract law (asset and share deals)
  • Real estate law
  • Public building law
  • Law of real estate transactions
  • Environmental law
  • Residential property law
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