Dr. Wolfgang Probandt

Lawyer & Notary

Contracts form the legal basis for our living together, doing business and acting. In contrast to laws and ordinances, they are characterized by consensual cooperation aimed at a common goal. The best contract is not the one with which one party can gain special advantages, but the contract that puts the mutual services in an appropriate relationship to each other and helps to avoid disputes.

My task is to recognize problems that may arise in the future and to regulate them with foresight. This is where an experienced lawyer is needed, either as a representative of his client's interests or as an impartial notary who has to explore the will of all parties involved and formulate it in a contract. To be able to participate in this is a professional challenge and fulfillment for me.

In addition to drawing up contracts, my main focus is on supporting the interests of my clients in enforcing their justified claims arising from contracts with the aim of finding a quick and cost-effective solution.

Capital Investment Law

Real estate law

Tenancy law

Commercial and corporate law

Notary's office

Competition law

  • Studies at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg i.Br. and the Free University of Berlin
  • Doctorate in competition law at the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg i.Br.
  • Admitted to the bar in 1981
  • Lecturer at the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • 1986 Admission to the Court of Appeal
  • 1994 Appointment as notary public in the district of the Berlin Court of Appeal
  • Co-author of Beck'schen Formularbuch Immobilienrecht, 3rd ed. 2018
  • Cancellation approval not without the owner, discussion of the ruling of the BGH of 29.01.2016 - V ZR 285/14.
    Das Grundeigentum 2016, 1486
  • Recognition of property survey does not make property boundaries truly court-proof, discussion of the decision of the BGH of 1.10.2015 - V ZB 181/14
  • Das Grundeigentum 2016, 445
  • Justified objections to instructions: notary must refer contracting parties to legal action, discussion of the decision of the BGH of 1.10.2015 - V ZB 171/14
  • Das Grundeigentum 2016, 22
  • Caution in the settlement of draft contracts, discussion of the decision of the KG of 27.08.2015 - 9 W 33 + 34/13.
  • Das Grundeigentum 2015, 1191
  • Co-author with Beck'schen Formularbuch Immobilienrecht, 2014.
  • Agreed exclusion of liability of the company not registrable,
    Das Grundeigentum 2012, 1416
  • How the hell does the GbR get into the land register,
    Das Grundeigentum 2010, 1585
  • Co-author with Ahrens (formerly Pastor),
  • The Competition Process
  • The conciliation board according to § 27a UWG: legal regulation and actual significance, Berlin,
    Duncker and Humblot, 1993;
  • Co-author with Schiwy, Narcotics Law, Commentary
  • The Berlin Model for the Shop Closing Act,
    GewArchiv 1985, p. 191
  • Continuation of the company after a sell-off has been carried out,
    WRP 1985, P. 69
  • Civil law problems of screen text law,
    UFITA 1984, P. 9
  • German (DAV) and Berlin (BAV) Bar Association
  • German Notarial Law Association e.V.
  • Association for the Promotion of the Institute for Notarial Law at the Humboldt University in Berlin
  • Interest group of the owners of properties in the GDR e.V., chairman
  • Association of Berlin Merchants and Industrialists e.V. - VBKI
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