Claudia Frank

Specialist in labor and tax law

Labor and tax law are complex and cannot be mastered without ongoing training. Especially in labor law, I have to quickly grasp the entire facts of the case and prescribe or initiate the necessary steps. The employment relationship is characterized by cooperation. When serious differences arise that lead to the termination of contractual relations, it is my task to transform emotions into legal possibilities.

Due to my 25 years of experience, I am able to provide sound advice. My knowledge of tax and social law is indispensable for a comprehensive solution, as these areas of law are intertwined. Collective labor law is not manageable for the employer without legal advice. Here, knowledge of the relevant laws and case law, especially the ECJ, is an essential factor for success.

Individual and collective labor law

Income and sales tax law

Social security law

  • Studied law at the universities of Munich, Augsburg and Mainz
  • 1985 admitted to the Berlin District Court; since 1990 admitted to the Berlin Court of Appeals
  • 1988 - 1990 in-house lawyer for a real estate holding company
  • 1990 Joined the law firm Probandt, Berlin
  • 1993 Specialist lawyer for tax law
  • 1996 Specialized attorney for labor law
  • The Act to Improve Consumer Protection in Debt Collection Law, Berliner Anwaltsblatt 2020, 25
  • Blooming landscapes, an election promise and a summer fairy tale, Berliner Anwaltsblatt, issue 10/2019
  • Professional orietation starts at school, Berliner Anwaltsblatt, issue 6/2019
  • The profession of the lawyer in the 21st century, Berliner Anwaltsblatt, issue 12/2017
  • Labor law training of managing directors
  • Lecturing in the field of labor law
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