Notary's office

Notaries are basically trained and required to offer their services in all areas of law. Nevertheless, most notaries have focal points in which they have special experience.

The notarization and execution of purchase contracts for real estate represents a focal point of our notarial activities. Therefore, the notarization of purchase contracts for land, houses and condominiums is as much a part of our daily business as declarations of partition, extensive neighborhood contracts with reciprocal easements and land charge assignments. Our clients include institutional investors from Germany and abroad and project developers as well as commercial property developers and private individuals. We have a special focus in the area of heritable building rights, which take the place of sales, especially in the case of church organizations.

Corporate law is another focus of our notarial activities: This includes the formation of companies, capital increase, change of managing directors, amendment of articles of association, purchase and assignment agreements, liquidation, merger, demerger, change of legal form and pledging of shares. However, these are only a few of the cases in which our notaries are happy to assist you and can also notarize in foreign languages - in English without the assistance of an interpreter.

Gifts and testamentary dispositions are an important part of the notary's work in the field of precautionary planning. Bequeathing and giving away properly needs to be well thought out. This is not only true when it comes to private assets. Especially when your life's work consists of a company, it is important to regulate the succession carefully. Our notaries will find out what is important to you in a personal and confidential discussion. We will advise you with the necessary foresight and put on paper what is necessary so that not only your assets are transferred, but also your associated expectations are implemented in a legally secure manner. Whether it is a will, an inheritance contract or a gift contract - our notaries will advise you in detail and with sensitivity.

Our focus in the field of Notary's office

  • Property purchase agreements (asset and share deals)
  • Property development law
  • Conversions according to the WEG
  • Establishment and structuring of companies
  • Merger agreements
  • Transformation law
  • Wills
  • Inheritance contracts
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